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  RCOG Accredited Sub-Specialist - Gynae Oncology (UK)

  Gynecologist . Women's Cancer Specialist . Laparoscopic Surgeon

  Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre - Singapore

  Getting Your Pap Smear in Singapore

If you found this page, you must already know the basic facts about a pap smear or a pap test and that it is the first step in cervical cancer screening. If not, many often asked questions have been replied to at the Singapore Health Promotion Board's cervical cancer webpages. It is a very informative website and is well worth your visit. You should also view this Pap Smear video created by a female gynecologist about the importance of having your pap smear test regularly.

After your pap smear at your doctor's clinic, you need to be concerned only if your pap smear test results are abnormal. This means that there are some changes in the cells of the cervix and treatment is required to prevent them from developing into cervical cancer. The usual follow-up for an abnormal pap smear is Colposcopy which can be done in a gynecologist's clinic.

If you have not had your pap smear done, you may see visit any gynecologist's clinic in Singapore to have the test done. It does not cost much and the results might just save your life because picking up an abnormal pap smear can help detect cancer cells early.

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Pap Smear Singapore

Pap smear Singapore

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